Najmi Muhammad’s Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Najmi Muhammad

Your first home purchase will likely be one of your biggest life decisions, so you want to do it well. You’re not just buying a property, after all, you’re purchasing your future home. With so much resting on a single decision, it’s understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed.

As a real estate agent located out of Markham, Ontario, Najmi Muhammadunderstands the stress that comes with your first home purchase. Here, he guides first time buyers through the ins and outs of the otherwise overwhelming process.

Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage

Before you outline a price, and start shopping around, you’ll need to consult your bank regarding your mortgage. This will determine how much money your bank is able to loan you and ultimately help you decide how much to spend.

In order to pre-qualify for a mortgage, your bank will consider your income, your credit history, any outstanding debts you currently have unpaid, and how much of a down payment you plan on making.

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