What Clients Want from Their Accountant

Najmi Muhammad Explains What Clients Want from Their Accountant

Accountants do more than crunch numbers and complete tax returns — they serve as indispensable tools for their clients. Outside of preparing financial records, analyzing data, completing finance reports, creating budgets, and preparing tax returns, an excellent accountant’s job is quite simply to make the client’s life easier.

As an accountant, Najmi Muhammad of Markham, Ontario, encourages those in the field to look beyond the basics and actively seek opportunities to exceed client expectations. After all, a pleased client is likely to give a referral, and referrals are one of the best ways to gain more business. Today, Najmi Muhammad explains what every client is looking for in an accountant.

Certainty and Composure

Sole traders and business owners have high-stress lives. Those who hire accountants do so because they have other things to focus on and don’t want to lose sleep or energy over details like bookkeeping and taxes, so they choose to outsource to accountants. 

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