Najmi Muhammad – Accountant – Realtor – Insurance – Entrepreneur

Najmi Muhammad

Najmi Muhammad is a bit of a jack of all trades in the financial world. A Certified General Accountant, a real estate agent, a mortgage agent and a licensed insurance agent, Najmi provides his clients with a one-stop shop for a variety of needs. He provides services to individuals and corporations, successfully heading two companies of his own.

Najmi is a graduate of the University of Karachi in Pakistan, where he lived before relocating to Canada. Najmi Muhammad started working full-time for himself in 1999 after many years of working as an accountant or bookkeeper for someone else. There was little time left in the day when he held those positions and he knew he could bring a more personal experience for his clients.

With any spare time, Najmi Muhammad was dedicated to learning. No matter what, he spent four hours each day on his education. When a new opportunity arose, he would find a class that would teach him how to add the skills to his repertoire.

Najmi lives in Markham, Ontario in Canada with his wife and three children. He enjoys the quality time he has with them now. He also gives his time to a local nonprofit called CRC, which focuses on providing services and education to women and children.

How did you get started in this business? What inspired you to start this business?

I had already been an accountant before I moved to Canada. I’d worked for several years in a sugar mill. I have always been in the financial world, in some capacity. My wife and I wanted the adventure of moving somewhere new and building a better life. When we got here, I educated myself on the local tax laws so that I could continue working in the industry. When I had a proper understanding, I began taking on clients part-time while working in other positions full-time.

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